Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Im sure my reader will be disappointed to know that I have been busy all week with school work. So I havent had much of a chance to do any poker related writing/ranting. So as soon as I get some time I will get something posted for my reader to read.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Okay, so its been about week since my last post. I promise this one will be worth the read. Its probably going to be really really really long because I have a lot to say and a bunch of good links for you all.


"I am a great believer in luck. The harder I work the more I seem to have of it." - Thomas Jefferson


I have been playing a lot of poker online at Pokerstars. I have been told by many people that that is a bad idea and that I should be playing at PartyPoker.. Once I doulbe my bankroll I think I will play half and half. I like pokerstars because of the tourneys they have. But I have been told that Party has lots of fish and easy money in the ring games. So we'll see. Oh and when I do make the move I will be using Iggy's bonus code. So for those codes go to Guinness and Poker.


Why people that play bad hands should be kicked in the nuts

Basically the main reason is because Im sick of losing to bad hands. Im tired of losing to people that dont play proper poker and get lucky. I know that in the long run those are the people that you want to play against because they will pay you off more than they take your money, but it gets really frustrating when it happens. Im not talking about your basic run of the mill bad hand either. Im talking about hands that should never be played, nevermind the fact that people play them when there is a preflop raise. I can understand being in the Small Blind and wanting to see a cheap flop if no one raised. But when someone raises you have to assume they have a legitimate hand (unless previous play leads you to believe otherwise). If Im holding Big Slick (A-K) and I decide to slow play and lose then its my own fault that I lost. But when I raise preflop and people call with hands that dont deserve to see the light of day and catch a flop it makes me mad. Now I know that they will lose in the long run. Im tired of having my big hands sucked out by bad ones. Monday alone I had 2 pair going to the river 8 times. Do you know how many of those pots I won? One! All the losses were to trips from people that didnt fold bottom pair and caught trips. Oh well. Thats poker!


My leak

Based on the above bitching, I have come to realize that I have a leak in my game. When I catch a bad beat I tend to play really questionable poker afterwards. This is known as "tilt" or "playing on tilt". I am currently working on that problem. Anyways I brought this up to talk about my worst bad beat ever, and point out something that Ive learned to help me with my leak. The play was this: I had just bought $50 on Pokerstars, and was playing at a .10/.25 NL table. I sat down with $20 of my bank roll and began to play. I was doing fairly well, after about an hour I was up almost $10 dollars. I was on the button and got dealt two black nines, Which by the way is the Poker Brat, Phil Hellmuth's favorite hand. The guy in seat 5 raises to $2 the seats before him had all folded. The guy to my right called and I reraised to $5. The original raiser called and the other guy folded. So now Im heads up with this guy and have a decent pocket pair. The flop comes 99J, rainbow. The other guy bets $10, I raised all in for another $13 or so. So Im all in and he called. The turn was the other suit 10 so now I dont have to worry about a straight flush. the river was another Jack. His cards turn over and he had Jack-Jack (JJ). So on the river he got the only card that he could have gotten to beat me. Needless to say that I was a little upset but there was no other way that I could have played that hand (in my opinion). This hand taught me a lot about poker. The lesson in this hand is that no matter how well you play the hand you may be destined to lose it. As per my story, there was no way that that guy was going to fold his full house thinking that I had pocket nines. No way. I learned that sometimes there is nothing that you can do. Another example would be if youre holding a straight and someone has two pair or even three of a kind. Depending on chip stacks, no matter how you play your straight he is going to call you with his 2 pair. Which means that he has a chance to suck you out. He can catch a full house. The odds of it are anywhere from 17%-33% that he will get his full house by the river. Which means he wont hit it 67-83% of the time. I guess what Im trying to say is that bad beats happen, there is no way around it. In the immortal words of Scotty Nguyen "Thats poker baby!" You just have to learn to take your beats in stride and continue to play solid poker.


Okay, Im sorry about the venting. I just needed to get those things off my chest.


For those of you still reading at this point I have an interesting look into poker that is often overlooked. It is the physical aspect of playing the game. Believe it or not you can wear yourself out just by sitting in a chair all day. The most phyical think you do is pick up chips and throw them in the pot yet at the end of an 8 hour session you are more exhausted than if you had just ran a mile. I used to play a game called Magic: The Gathering. This game contributed a lot to my poker game because there are aspects of the game that are similiar. But the reason that I brought it up is that (when I played regularly) every other week my friends and I would go to big tournaments all over the midwest. These tournaments started at 9am and lasted until midnight or later. Even if you drop from the tournament if you have a bad record you could play in smaller side tournaments. So your playing cards for 12-15 hours in the same room. Thats a lot of SITTING and THINKING. I believe that these two things contribute the to the physical exhaustion that comes from playing cards all day long. After a Magic tourney I would usually need to sleep all day. I feel the same way after a poker session. I have yet to play in a tournament larger than 20 people so those dont last longer than a hand full of hours, but I can imagine what its like being in a large and long tournament because Ive been to many Magic tournaments. I think those experiences will help me when I do eventually play in a Brick and Mortar tournament. Now all I have to do is learn to play the game better and Im set for a nice long tournament.


A big part of this game is learning. There are so many aspects to this game that need to be learned. I think the biggest part of learning is to play a lot. There is only so much you can learn from reading about things in books and in articles. Now, Im not saying that you shouldnt read the books that are out there, Ive read a few of them and have learned a lot. What I am saying is that you can learn a lot more from playing. Playing and practice is number one. Reading and researching is a close second. So with that in mind here are some good links for research.


This first article is about a woman who's boyfriend plays poker and she has noticed changes in him. I learned a lot from this article and even had my girlfriend read it. It is written by Marisa Suescun from PokerSavvy.

Poker: Innocent Hobby or Relationship Killer?

This next article is an interesting read from CNN. Me being a college student I was interested to see what this article had to say.

Poker draws college crowds

I think a good soure of information is from professional poker players. They obviously know what they are doing, the are Professionals. This is Mike "The Mad Genius of Poker" Caro's corner on CardPlayer. He has audio links where he gives advice. I have listened to quite a few of them. If you can get past the chessy sound effects there is a wealth of knowledge there.

Knowing the odds is great knowledge to have when playing the game. It can help you decide whether its worth it for you to call based on the pot odds. Here is a good link for some odds.

An finally a good place for some great links is Poker Top 10


I hope you all enjoyed the above. Now I want to spend sometime talking about non-poker things.

This past week on The Apprentice I was shoked to see that Amy and Nick both got fired. I thought Amy and Bill would be the final two. I guess thats good because Kwame is awesome. But I think hes going to get screwed over by Omarosa because she is a liar and horrible worker! I think that bringing the other 6 people back in was great. We'll see what happens this Thursday!

Another shocker this week when Lex got voted off of Survivor All Stars. Boston Rob played him like a fiddle in order to keep his sweatheart Amber around with a promise of protection for Lex. When the tribes merged, Rob stabbed him in the back. Kathy was going to give her immunity necklace to Lex but decided to keep it. The look on his face when she said that was priceless. I think this was the best episode of Survivor since the 2nd season when Jerri got voted out.

Now for some movie talk. I saw Jersey Girl and The Whole Ten Yards in the past week. Jersey Girl was good. If you like Kevin Smith movies youll enjoy it. Its a good story even though its predictible. The Whole Ten Yards was great! Not only did it live up to my expectations it was just as good as the first. It was great. Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis did a great job. The rest of the cast was great too.

Speaking of Matthew Perry, Friends is down to the last 3 episodes. What will happen?! Who knows. I think what they did with the whole Top 6 thing was a cheap cop out so they didnt have to make that many episodes! Oh well, I cant wait to see how it ends.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Okay, so I wont be able to finish my long post until the weekend, Ive got some good articles for you all to read, I just have to put them all together. A lot happened this week. I had an exam that raped me, so that kind of sucked. Lots of stuff coming up since its nearing the end of the semester. All my professors have decided to make everything due at about the same time, so the next 3 weeks will probably be the busiest of my college career. With 3 homeworks to do, 3 group projects to work on, 3 research papers to do, and a group presentation all due within a week of each other its going to be a fun week.

I did get to play some cards on Wednesday night. It was a fairly uneventful night I lost $8 bucks. For some reason I was playing really loose, and I dont know why. Oh well. You can read about that on my other site.

Scotty Nyguen, the 1998 WSOP Champion was on Conan last night. It was fairly entertaining hearing him say "Baby" about 25 times in a 8-10 mins segment was just priceless!

Anyone else out there like The Apprentice? I absoultely love the show. Ive seen them all and love the show. Since my favorite guy, Troy, got fired I think that Bill has the best chance of winning the job. Kwame and Troy worked awesome together and I think now that Troy is gone Kwame will be next unless he can win the next competition. The greatest thing about this weeks show was that Troy went out like a winner. And for goodness sake the man only has a high school education and look how far he got! Go Troy! I think the final 2 will be Amy and Bill.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Due to the amount of homework that just presented itself today, I am sorry to inform all ten, no wait....one readers out there that I have to postpone the gynormous post until Wednesday or possibly even thursday. I have read some pretty good articles this week that I will share with you all.

Thank you.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

I ran a tournament last night and I was the first one out. GO ME! Oh well, I played one bad hand and then lost a good hand. There really isnt much to say about the game, I only played about 10 hands. Made a few bad calls and got unlucky when I went all in.

For a full tournament report check out my other site.
The Netherworld
I will be using that site as a place to talk about my plays and games and stuff. This will be used for strategy talk and links and other important things rather than listening to me ramble on about how bad I played or how good I played. I will leave that on the other site so that you people that might actually be reading this might get something out of it.

I will be updating Monday with a large post. Check back on Monday.

Online Bank Roll: $21.39

Real Money Bank Roll: $217

Total Bank Roll: $238.39

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Today is the first in my large posts. Lets hope it gets read. I actually started out at Xanga but decided to move due to some advice from a fellow blogger. These my old spot if you want to check it out. I will be posting in both places for awhile until I make the final move to here. Im kinda disappointed because my name was already taken :( but thats okay, I can still sign my posts with my name. So, Ill make a few posts and see how I like here and then Ill decide if this place is cozy enough for me.

The Netherwold

Check it out if youre interested in the past 3 weeks of my bank roll and the games Ive played in.

Ill start with a quote by the Great Texas Dolly, for those of you not familiar with
him he is none other than the Doyle Brunson. One of a few people who actually have hands named after them. His would of course be the ever so horrible 10-2. This is his hand because he won what I believe is 2 not just 1 but 2 World Series with this very hand.

"There's almost no limit to how much you can win playing good poker. About the only thing you can't afford is a bad habit." - Doyle Brunson

This brings to light many different bad habits that I and many people have when playing. I am going to go through some of those habits.

1. Probably I think everyone has done this before. I like to call it, Phil Hellmuth Syndrome. More commonly called being a bad loser. This is a habit that I myself am guilty of from time to time. Like last week when I raised preflop and this guy stayed in with 10-4o and caught 2 tens. I was pissed. I gave him crap the whole night. I dont know why I let it get to me because I knew in the long run I would get his money, he just wasnt that good. So please lose with grace, also win with grace. Bad sportmanship isnt appreciated at the table.

2. Another bad habit that players have is bluffing too much. Not that bluffing is a bad thing, but in my opinion I think it should be done in moderation and only when the opportunity arises. There is this guy that I used to play with here at school, that thought he could buy any pot if he threw a lot of money in and scare people away. Well, needless to say that sometimes that works and sometimes that doesnt work. I got a tell on this guy and busted him everytime I was 100% sure he was bluffing his ass off. So in my opinion, bluffing should be done in moderation. Don't get me wrong. Bluffing is a huge skill and should be used in your poker arsenal but dont over due it. You will get busted.

3. Probably the bad habit that gets people the most is playing too loose. This happens when people are new to the game and think that just about any hand is worth playing. For those of us that know better these are the kinds of players that we like to play against. That is because trash hands lose, plain and simple. Sure, sure on occassion you can crack someones good hand with the 10-3o that you got dealt in the big blind (BB) and then send them into Phil Hellmuth Syndrome because you just beat them with trash. Tight and aggressive playing is what wins money. Not loose bad play.

4. Drinking and playing poker dont mix. Since poker is a game where the score is kept with money, it isnt wise to play while you're drinking. I know Scotty Nguyen's famous saying, "Keep the Michelobs coming, baby!" I dont think its wise of him to drink and play but who am I to question the 1998 World Series of Poker Champion? No one. Thats who.

Those are the bad habits that I can think of at this moment. Im sure there are many, many more.


Next I would like to talk about some things that I have learned in my short time playing poker. I have only been playing serious poker for about 6 months. I started out playing in my dorm with a bunch of guys. We played $2 buy in No Limit Hold'em. That got me hooked right there. At first I lost some money but over time I started to win it back and eventually started to make money. I have increased my bankroll by almost $200 since then. I have learned A LOT about the game in the past 6 months.

The first thing I have learned is that there is a huge difference between cash game play and tournament play. After playing here for about 2 months or so, I went home for Christmas break. There was a group of guys there that played two times a week. Monday's they ran $5 buy in tournaments and Thursday's they played dealers choice (which I will get to later). Now I thought I was pretty good by this time at playing the game. Boy oh boy how tournaments are different. In a ring game you are trying to win money. In a tournament you are trying to knock people out in order to win money. I know that some people say these are the same but I am fairly certain they are not. A friend of mine that played the tournaments back home didnt seem to understand why I wanted to play cash games instead of tournaments. He thought they were the same thing. He said to me that since he knew that he could just pull more money out of his wallet and keep playing that he would play the same way he played the tournaments. Needless to say that there is a difference between the two game types. Its hard to explain but when youve played both types then you can criticize me.

Another thing that I learned is that limit poker is a lot different than no limit. Ive played some Chicago and 5-Stud which we played as limit. I really like Chicago which for those of you that dont know its a 7-stud game where the highest spade in the hole wins half the pot. Anyways, in no limit poker you have to worry about someone throwing their whole stack at you when you bet. Where as in limit games you only have to worry about them raising you exactly what you bet. Its kinda nice, but a lot harder to bluff. You have to be playing big limits in order to bluff pots, I think. I dont know because the only limits Ive played are .25/.50. As much as I enjoy No Limit Holdem, I really like the Limit games. It takes a little stress off of worrying about someone saying those 2 words you dont like to hear unless you have the nuts, "All in!"

The final thing that I have learned is that playing poker takes a lot of practice and a lot of playing in order to improve your game. You cant just sit down and expect to be the next superstar. Practice, practice, practice.


Now for some links that I think people should take a look at.

The first is the link of a fellow blogger (I dont know if I am allowed to call him a fellow blogger since I havent been blogging that long). I dont know his name, but he was kindenough to link me on his blog so I am just returning the favor. I read his stuff everyday. GO READ IT TOO!

Guiness and Poker

I would recommend the RPG forums but I have read through many of the threads on there and they are about 85% people whining about bad beats and 15% strategy tips. As per that I will put the link up and let you decide if you like them or not.

Stupid RGP

This next site has the stats for the World Series of Poker 2004. The dates, the buy-ins and the different tournaments they are having. Man oh man how I would love to play....but I am a broke, poor ass college student who cant even afford to order a pizza.

WSOP 2004

The last link is an Ad for some stellar Dealer buttons. I am going to get one. They rock.

Kick ass dealer buttons...

Online Bank Roll: $13.94

Real Money Bank Roll: $221

Total Bank Roll: $234.94


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